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Collie Big Battery

A government-owned battery energy storage system is being constructed by Synergy in Collie to support the transition from coal-fired power to renewables.

Initiative progress

In Progress

Battery energy storage systems will help improve system security and support increased renewable energy generation.

Synergy is delivering the Collie Battery Energy Storage System (CBESS). When complete, the Collie Battery will be one of Australia’s biggest commercial lithium batteries, providing around 500 megawatts or 2,000 megawatt hours of power when fully charged.

This is a significant renewable energy infrastructure project that will enable more rooftop solar uptake, and ensure a stable energy supply, especially during the evening peak periods.

Key Stats


megawatts of power for four hours.


megawatt hours of storage.


square metres in size, which is approximately 2 full sized football ovals.


jobs to be created during construction.

Timeline and Milestones

  • May 2023 – Collie Battery project announced, and community consultation commenced.

  • March 2024 – Construction commenced.

  • End 2025 – Expected commissioning. 

What can a battery energy storage system do?

Batteries support increased amounts of renewable energy in WA by providing grid services, such as storing renewable energy and discharging it at times when it’s needed most.

Batteries play a crucial role in stabilising the system and optimising the production of wind and solar energy. They are a vital part of the smooth shift to clean electricity, helping to achieve emissions reduction targets.

Benefits of battery energy storage systems

Batteries can:

  • Allow us to use more energy from wind and solar.

  • Storing energy to power Western Australian homes during peak hours.

  • Improving grid reliability.

Battery energy storage systems like Synergy’s Collie Battery and Kwinana Battery Phase 1 and 2 are vital in the transition.

In addition to the government-owned storage systems, Neoen is building a big battery project in Collie.

The big batteries will be a significant energy infrastructure for the South-West’s electricity grid, working towards WA’s cleaner, reliable and affordable energy future.

For more information on the battery project, visit:

Collie Battery Energy Storage System

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